"It is not possible to point out to my Government any favor to EDP," says Socrates to the MPs – Jornal Econômico

Former Prime Minister Jose Socrates said today that it is not possible to point out to the government that he led "any failure that could be considered as favoring EDP", as the preliminary report of the parliamentary commission of inquiry points out.

In the replies to which the Lusa agency had access and which were sent in writing to Members of parliamentary inquiry committee to pay excessive rent to electricity producers, José Sócrates makes it clear that, in relation to the creation of the CMEC, "everything has passed, "and all measures were decided before its executive took office in March 2005, and therefore proposes that questions on this issue should be made" to those in charge of governments who have actually taken such measures. "

"What I can safely say is that, according to the investigation that the committee has developed and that is exposed in the preliminary report, it is not possible to point out to my government any flaw that could be considered as favoring EDP – either in the 'extension' of the water domain or in the calculation of the amount to be received by the State, "he later assured in response to a question about whether he knew that his Minister of Economy Manuel Pinho" received regular payments from BES via " offshore '.

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