“It was an attack on my honor, I admit no attacks on my honor” – Jornal Económico

The prime minister reacted in statements to TVI about the moment of tension that took place this afternoon in Terreiro do Paço, Lisbon during a street crash.

Speaking to the journalist, António Costa blamed and accused the right of using the man present as a "top" of propaganda against him. "It is a lie that the right has been casting in this regard," he said. “He never does it with his face, and now he has a gentleman face. It is unfortunate that the campaign has come down to this level. ”

Asked if he should have reacted more calmly, António Costa assumes that "surely yes, but it is not because I am a politician that I am still a person of flesh and blood, and I also have my limits."

This question had already been raised after the PSD president criticized Costa and accused him of not following the drivers strike for being on vacation. In 2017, the prime minister took a vacation until July 12, after the Pedrógão Grande fires and the robbery of Tancos.

“I do not forget this tragedy, I will never forget it and it is unfortunate that anyone uses such a tragedy to insist and persist in a lie. It is absolutely false that I was out of the country, I was in office on June 17th. On the 18th of June in the morning, as everyone can testify, I was at Pedrógão City Hall, not only seeing what needed to be done to extinguish the fire, but also to respond to the needs of families and start the construction process. of those territories, ”said António Costa.

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