It's called Edgar, is a robot and will distribute meals in hospitals – Current

It's called Edgar, is a robot and will distribute meals in hospitals - Current

Existing solutions in the market for hospital transport required a significant infrastructure both from the point of view of space and the level of transport equipment. It was in this sense that the food service company GERTAL, in a clear bet on the innovation in the processes of distribution of meals in a hospital environment, decided to finance the development of these robots.

"Robots are distinguished in several aspects of the solutions that currently exist in the market, namely by the system of traction that they have that allows them to cling to the existing carriages through a minimum mechanical adaptation, by the locating system they have and what it does with that they know at any moment where they are, thus taking full advantage of the natural characteristics of the building they go through without needing to use markers or magnetic tapes, "explains Germano Veiga, senior researcher at INESC TEC's Center for Industrial Robotics and Intelligent Systems.

On the other hand, adds the researcher, Edgar robots distinguish themselves "by the autonomy of the batteries they present or even by the continuous connection to the wireless network that makes their operation constantly monitored."

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Edgar, the robot of INESC TEC credits: INESC TEC

The robots also include a navigation system that allows the diversion of small obstacles, control of the elevators and also have a charging system based on technology of contactless charge, wireless.

The solution developed will allow a better management of human resources, as they no longer have to carry out operations of high physical demand and low added value.

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