“It's not about winning a stupid blame game” – The Jornal Económico

The President of the European Council today asked Boris Johnson what he intended, reminding the British Prime Minister that the future of Europe and the UK is at stake and not winning “a stupid blame game”.

“The point is not to win a stupid blame game. What is at stake is the future of Europe and the United Kingdom, as well as the security and interests of our citizens. Don't want a deal, don't want an extension, don't want to revoke [o artigo 50.º], where are you going? ”asked Donald Tusk in a post to his Twitter account.

The President of the European Council directly challenged the British Prime Minister, identifying him in the publication.

Donald Tusk's outraged tweet is a reaction to reports by the British Government source to the BBC that Boris Johnson is preparing for a break in negotiations with the European Union (EU), a decision taken after a phone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

According to the BBC, Merkel said the EU would only accept a deal that would keep Northern Ireland in the European Customs Union, contrary to the Prime Minister's plan to break the Brexit deadlock.

Without keeping the British province aligned with the single European market to avoid a physical border on the island of Ireland, "she said a deal is highly unlikely," another government source told Sky News.

The British Government last week proposed the establishment of a common regulatory zone between Northern Ireland and neighboring Ireland to facilitate the movement of agri-food and industrial goods.

However, the plan assumes that Northern Ireland leaves the European Customs Union and becomes part of a British Customs Union when the United Kingdom leaves the EU after the transition period at the end of 2020.

Alignment with common market rules in Northern Ireland would have to be authorized by the autonomous authorities of the British province every four years.

The UK Government considers that this position represents a concession and hoped it would be sufficient to open in-depth negotiations to reach an agreement in time for the European Council next week.

Another anonymous source, who former Labor Minister Amber Rudd told BBC Radio 4 he believes to be the advisor to Prime Minister Dominic Cummings, told Spectator magazine that "if this deal dies in the coming days, it will not be resurrected."

In this scenario, London will try to make an exit without agreement on October 31, threatening with retaliation those countries that accept a possible request to postpone Brexit.

Legislation in force stipulates that the Prime Minister is required to request an extension of the Brexit process for a further three months, until January 31, if no agreement is reached by October 19 or an exit without agreement is allowed.

“Let us make it clear, privately and publicly, that countries that oppose postponement will be at the front of the line for future cooperation – cooperation on matters within and outside the EU's remit. Those who support the postponement will go to the back of the line, ”said the same source.

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