It's official: Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will make "Bad Boys 3"

It's official: Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will make "Bad Boys 3"

Will Smith used Instagram to finally confirm that he and Martin Lawrence are going to make "Bad Boys 3". And he did not do it for less: a video with Martin Lawrence himself.

The legend says it's been a long time waiting and it's really true: "Bad Boys for Life" will happen 25 years after the debut of the first film and 17 of the sequel.

After three debut dates, the last of which was November 9, 2018, and losing director Joe Carnahan, the third film will hit theaters on January 17, 2020.

The filmmakers will be Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, Belgian duo of Moroccan origin who drew the attention of Hollywood with two action thrillers, the award-winning "Black – Love in Time of Hate" (2015, which debuted in Portugal) and "Patser" (2018, still unpublished here). They also performed the first two episodes of the series "Snowfall".

There are no details about the history of the third film, but there was a guarantee (and another reference to the antiquity of the films): Martin Lawrence's character will not use a beeper.

It was in 1995 that director Michael Bay joined Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as two Miami police officers who had to find $ 100 million of heroin stolen from a warehouse where police held crime evidence in a race against time between shootings, murders, and car chases.

Made for just 19 million, "The Bad Boys" garnered more than 141 at the world box office and helped establish the career of the three in Hollywood. And of course, a sequel appeared in 2003, "Bad Boys 2," which grossed 270 million worldwide, a figure that was seen as a disappointment because the costs of the movie, which were all big stars, shot up to 90 million .

Despite this, at least since 2008 Hollywood was trying to join Will Smith and Martin Lawrence again. The first came to the guarantee in 2016 that another film was "very, very, very close" to happen, but in the following year, when the studio removed the film from the agenda, Martin Lawrence said he was losing his illusions.

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