James Corden realizes dream of girl with cancer – News

James Corden realizes dream of girl with cancer - News

The host invited Vara Gordon, just 12, and his mother, Emily, to join him in Los Angeles. James paid all the expenses of mother and daughter and wanted to have them as guests in his program.

Vara and her mother had access to the backstage, received a VIP tour and were entitled to watch the program recording in places premium.

Before the program began to be recorded, Vara had the opportunity to sit in James' chair and interview his mother.

But the surprises did not stop here. The next day, without Vara knowing, James invited her to participate in his hit segment "Carpool Karaoke," one of Vara's favorites.

After completing the tour, James and Vara recorded a video where the presenter gave great praise to the young woman.

"When we started recording the Carpool Karaoke, we talked about the wonderful people who have already sat on this bench. But none is as wonderful as you. I have to say this, you're amazing. Thank you for accepting my invitation, I will never forget this moment, "said the host.

It all started when Vara, who was diagnosed with a Stage 3 Wilms tumor, made a video with Milk Tyson, the creator of Fighting All Monsters, a foundation that helps fight against childhood cancer.

Since setting up the foundation, Milk has become a true philanthropist and has so far helped many children with cancer to meet their heroes, such as Pharrell Williams, Cara Delevinge, or Zendaya.

Tyson and Vara appealed to the young woman to meet James Corden. Upon learning of the appeal, James responded immediately and, in this way, fulfilled Vara's dream.

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