Jeff Bezos wants to put Man on the Moon in 2024 – News

Jeff Bezos wants to put Man on the Moon in 2024 - News

Blue Origin, a company owned by tycoon Jeff Bezos, presented its lunar lander named Blue Moon. During the presentation he revealed the partnership with NASA to return to the Moon in the next few years. During the event, the billionaire revealed the construction of a new rocket called BE-7 with a combustion capacity of 10,000 lbf. This rocket was built mostly of printed components. According to it, this powerful rocket will have the ability to carry not only the Blue Moon, but also a cargo container into space.

The company guarantees that the ignition tests can start already during the next summer. "This vehicle goes to the Moon," Jeff Bezos said during the press briefing and several executives linked to the space industry, advances CNBC. According to the company, Blue Moon will be able to transport about 3.6 tons to the lunar surface. The company is also building another 6.5-tonne higher-capacity variant capable of transporting humans to the moon. The idea is to put the man back on the moon, and if possible within the time set by the US government in 2024.

The ambition of the owner of Amazon is to use the Earth's natural satellite as a building base in space because of its low gravity in relation to the Earth. Getting resources from the Moon "costs 24 times less energy to lift the surface than on Earth," says the magnate, considering it a great resource for leverage. Jeff Bezos's plans are quite ambitious. He said the goal is to build the infrastructure on the surface of the Moon so that other companies and investors can start up with space-related businesses. The magnate believes that the Moon can be a good source of resources, since the Earth may be exhausted in the future.

If all goes well, the project will not only be a simple visit and the building of a lunar base, but "a return to the planet, and this time to stay," says Jeff Bezos.

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