Jerónimo de Sousa says “stability has not been lacking” in the last four years – Jornal Económico

The communist leader defended today the governing stability of the current legislature, unprecedented agreements between PS, BE, PCP and PEV, criticizing the socialist counterpart for citing the Spanish example or possible economic crises to reach the absolute majority.

“It is to see how the ghost of government instability has been stirring, using what is happening in the neighboring country house, to imply the need for an absolute majority. Who shakes such a ghost, we might ask. Has lacked stability in the last four years of advancements in the lives of workers and the people? Not missed! Then why is such a ghost stirred? If it is to advance and not go backwards destabilizing the lives of workers and populations, what is feared? ”Asked Jerónimo de Sousa.

The general secretary of the PCP was addressing an afternoon rally at the Garcia de Resende Municipal Theater in Évora, and mostly targeted the Prime Minister, António Costa.

“Or is what is wanted is a return to the stability of the rotten peace of the bipolarization swamp, the turn-the-disc-and-the-same, that is, the alternation without alternative, of PS and PSD, with or no CDS in between? The stability of the right-wing policy that guarantees the stability above, of the powerful, to make the lives of the workers and the people hell, ”he continued.

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