Jerónimo de Sousa underlines PCP's cohesion and denies rebellion against "contraption" – The Jornal Econômico

PCP expects 2019 to bring "a real alternative" to policies that have led to "the backwardness and dependence" of the country - Jornal Econômico

The communist secretary general today rejected the idea of ​​an internal rebellion against the bilateral agreement with the PS that allowed the so-called "government contraband", reiterating that the PCP is cohesive to "advance" and not "to go backwards."

At a press conference at the party's headquarters in Lisbon, at a break from the PCP Central Committee meeting, Jerónimo de Sousa told reporters that the recent expulsion of a militant for criticism of the party's current position is a "domestic issue" , rejecting that it is an extended phenomenon.

"I mean, frankly, regarding situations that may exist, if there is an internal problem it is on the internal plane that it should be discussed. The Central Committee meeting was anything but, a meeting that is running at a good pace, discussing the problems of the country, the workers and the people, a party that is discussing the strengthening of its organization, "he said, adding that there are hundreds of recruits of new militants, "many of them young."

The Communist leader said that the environment is "a picture of great cohesion, in a perspective of going forward and not going backwards" and refuted the "idea that there is a rebellion there with the results of the new phase of political life national".

On Saturday, the Expresso reported the decision of the Central Control Commission of the PCP to expel the militant and former regional official in Cascais Guilherme Antunes due to "several publications in social networks" against the current political solution of understanding with the Socialists.

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