Jerónimo refuses António Costa's comparisons with Spain – O Jornal Económico

“You cannot compare what is not comparable. Then these elections are not for prime minister, they are for electing deputies. Let's not confuse things and the Portuguese has not yet decided, ”said Jerónimo de Sousa, who was responding to journalists after presenting in Porto 30 urgent measures that the PCP and CDU intend to defend in the Assembly of the Republic.

In an interview broadcast today by Lusa, the Prime Minister and Socialist Secretary-General, António Costa, warned that Portugal could fall into a “deadlock situation” if the “strong PS” of the October 6 elections did not come out. This compromises the stability needed to pursue the policies pursued in the current legislature.

Also in response to reporters about contributions to current governance stability and after complaining about “so much promotion of the Bloc”, Jerónimo de Sousa stated that the PCP “did not want to make any competition” to that party in the legislature ending, even stressing that the two political forces "converged many times".

But, he said, “Life speaks for itself and in these four years, in a context in which there were bilateral relations, with the Government” – and not with the party coordinated by Catarina Martins – “we must recognize the intrinsic value of the proposals. [do PCP], for its reasons, for the persistence [na sua defesa]"

“We often hear a no that, after months, turned into a yes for that persistence and determination. I do not want to make comparisons here with the Block, what we can say is that, in a determined, serious and well founded way, we made progress, achieved achievements that at first seemed impossible to achieve ”.

The PCP presented its electoral program in June, highlighting today, at the Porto session, a set of 30 “urgent and very concrete” measures.

The list is headed by the "significant increase in the average salary" and the rise of the National Minimum Wage to 850 euros.

“We are aware that the workers' struggle will be decisive for this purpose. It is a big battle, but a significant increase in the National Minimum Wage is just, necessary and possible, ”he said.

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