Jerónimo says PCP is being targeted for hate and defamation campaign – Jornal Econômico

PCP expects 2019 to bring "a real alternative" to policies that have led to "the backwardness and dependence" of the country - Jornal Econômico

"For this very reason, this hatred, these adjustments of accounts, infamies, lies, manipulation to which our party is subject have to do with this fundamental cause: we have spoiled the party and compromised its ambitions and its interests . Well, they actually do a very strong campaign, but comrades do not intimidate us, "he said.

Jerónimo de Sousa spoke in Covilhã, Castelo Branco district, during the closing session of the XI Assembly of the Regional Organization of Castelo Branco.

Without detailing the cases of infamy and lies to which he referred, the Communist leader attributed responsibility for this campaign to those who are against the decision of the PCP to support the government solution, as well as measures implemented in terms of wages and taxes, among others.

"The centers of the great capital and its followers do not forgive the PCP. For having spoiled the party – I would say the feast – with which they prepared to finish with the rest during these four years that have passed, "he said.
Recalling the PCP's history of struggle against fascism, Jerónimo de Sousa also affirmed that the PCP is not intimidated by these campaigns.

Throughout the speech he also distributed several criticisms of PSD, CDS and PS, underlining the moments and policies in which these parties "are united and united" despite the wars of "words" to try to show "non-existent differences."

The budget deficit target of 2018 and the estimate that it has gone beyond the estimate was also censored by the secretary general of the PCP, for whom this is "a wrong choice in the face of the many problems and delays that the country faces."

As he pointed out, this is also being used by right-wing parties to keep up the discourse in defense of the increase in taxes, taking as an example the recent statements of former President Cavaco Silva.
"The recent anger of Cavaco Silva can be seen when he made a dent in the VAT reduction of the restoration. He even put it against the SNS. Curiously, a PSD board is doing the electoral program and, curiously, it appears with a proposal in this sense: to pay the IRS who is, at the moment, exempt, "he said.

Speaking in a county in the interior of the country, the communist leader also did not forget the problems of the territory, reiterated the commitment of the PCP in the struggle for its resolution and also questioned the lack of recent news of the Movement for the Interior.

"Where is this Movement for the Interior, that made so much noise, so much and that, suddenly [desapareceu], with the so-called PS / PSD decentralization process. Did they disappear because of the cold or because of the position of the PS and PSD? "He asked.

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