Joana Latino and Liliana Aguiar: "Education has nothing to do with irreverence" – News

Joana Latino and Liliana Aguiar: "Education has nothing to do with irreverence" - News

The exchange of barbs between the journalist and the businesswoman continues.

The controversy came after the commentators of the "Passadeira Vermelha," by SIC Caras, criticized the way in which Liliana Aguiar and her husband, Francisco Nunes, discussed an intimate theme in social networks. In this case, related to gases.

The criticisms led Liliana Aguiar and her companion to respond to the range of commentators of the format, with special emphasis on Joana Latino.

"I always thought you were completely forward. All the air. Soon the color of hair takes a little bit of your personality. Orange hair, is not anyone who has this irreverence and suddenly you're shocked because I, Liliana Aguiar, I'm talking about gases? ", Said in the video.

Faced with the words of the businesswoman, the SIC journalist exercised her right of reply in the Red Cross program on Tuesday. "I think it's a person's love. [a Liliana], but I think it overflowed here, "begins by affirming Latino.

"It's not because a person has orange hair and it's so forward that he lets go of his interior anywhere, he adds. "Do not grind me down because you think someone just because you're forward x has to tolerate stinky conversations. I do not have. Sorry, but education has nothing to do with irreverence. Orange hair has nothing to do with people, finally, mentally and in other places that is not appropriate here to mention, "he says, indignant that Liliana's husband allegedly claimed that his neighbors suffered from flatulence for being homosexual. Affirmation that Francisco says made jokingly.

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