Joana Schenker wins national circuit event in Nazaré

Joana Schenker wins national circuit event in Nazaré

The Algarve Joana Schenker added this weekend, in Nazaré, the second victory in many other stages of the national women's bodyboard circuit, being very close to winning the title.

In the final, the athlete from Associação Bodyboard Sagres, who won all the heats she played, totaled 11.07 points, against 8.63 points from Filipa Broeiro, the surprise of the day, and 8.07 points from Teresa Almeida.

Joana Schenker welcomed the victory that puts her on the verge of winning what would be her seventh open national title.

“I really liked this stage, I really like Nazaré. I thought the organization was excellent. There is still a lot to do, with two more stages, in Peniche, where I would like to have epic waves, and in Póvoa, where I haven't been for many years but that I will enjoy visiting ”, said the Algarve.

The national circuit is now going to Peniche, proof that it had been canceled due to bad weather and was rescheduled for October 17th and 18th.


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