João Alves "hardly" continues in Coimbra

João Alves "hardly" continues in Coimbra

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The Coach João Alves, left yesterday for vacations, and, before saying farewell to Coimbra, invited the journalists to an informal conversation, in which he admitted that he should not return for next season.

"I will hardly train Académica next season. I will never say no to Briosa, but I release Academician to look for a coach, just as I free myself to choose the best for my future. I had two invitations of clubs 2nd League, but honestly, at this point, I'm inclined not to train next season, because I'm in a very confusing phase. But to re-train, it has to be a club that gives me the conditions to fight to win, "he said.

The coach says that "Académica will take some time to reorganize itself" and explains that "it takes time to build a team to rise".

"I only admit to training in a project that would allow me to do what I did here 16 years ago and not something we'll see what will happen," he said.

He says he had "fantastic months" in Coimbra, he is "very grateful for the invitation", mainly to show that "old are the rags". And he says that his only "grief" is that he was "betrayed" by a player for whom he had "a very special affection": Junior Sena.

Academic should clarify

João Alves told the whole episode about the week and the day of the game in Famalicão, where the "Jena Sena affair" appeared, but says that Académica "should clarify better what happened"

"I had a special affection for him, because I managed to get the most out of him," he says.

The coach claims to know "more or less who was behind" that episode with the player, but says "have no evidence".

By way of conclusion he explains that "there are people with few scruples. There are entrepreneurs who are lacking but there are others who make everything piggy, dirty and muddy and the clubs are very much exposed to the planning of an era by the water.

More information in the printed edition of May 23, 2019

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