João Ferreira recovers theme of "renegotiation of debt in interest, terms and amounts" – The Jornal Econômico

The head of the European list of CDU today recovered the theme of the Portuguese foreign debt, defending the renegotiation of "interest, deadlines and amounts", in an election campaign rally in Alhandra, Vila Franca de Xira.

For the MEP, Portugal needs to face the renegotiation of its public debt in its interest, deadlines and amounts. "This is a necessity and a possibility, setting debt service burdens compatible with growth and development." João Ferreira says that this would mean simultaneously assuming the possibility of "recovering monetary sovereignty", which "can and should" be linked to the liberation of the euro and the recovery for the public control of sectors such as banking.

The communist MEP said that "there are those who think that debt is no longer a problem and that its renegotiation is no longer a necessity."

"It is possible, if there is not another big bank going bankrupt, if there is not a new crisis in the world economy, if the international situation remains relatively stable … If, if and if … It is possible that debt can continue to be gradually reduced, as in the last three and a half years, but even then, if the current trajectory were to continue, it is only in 2038 that Portugal would have a debt of less than 60% of the GDP that the European Union claims. There are many 'ifs', "he insisted.

According to João Ferreira, the policies of the European Central Bank and the European Commission, "the pillars of the troika" in Portugal, stimulated the usurpation of national resources to fill the coffers of German, French or American banks at the expense of interest on a debt, in a process that says much about the solidarity in the European Union. "

"In all, there was more than 100 billion euros of interest paid to the bank since the entry of Portugal into the euro, resources that have made and need to salaries, pensions, public services and investment, to boost national production," summarized .

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