João Godinho wins European Composer Prize in Berlin – Showbiz

João Godinho wins European Composer Prize in Berlin - Showbiz

Pedro Carneiro then explained that the Contact Notes project uses music "in the creation of artistic objects, in concert concerts", not as music therapy, with the people involved developing "their musical abilities, often with instruments adapted to their specificity. , and with songwriters who write music for them. "

“By creating, debuting and performing on stage this inclusive piece, in which we celebrate, in harmony, on the stage, inclusion, the right to artistic expression, we put Portugal at the forefront in this kind of statement,” said Pedro Carneiro à Lusa.

In total there were five CerciOeiras users and three teachers who were on stage with JOP in Berlin.

The Young Euro Classic festival is considered the most important platform for the promotion of young orchestras and talents in the field of classical music. Throughout the event orchestras from all over the world, from China to Russia, passing through the United States. JOP was present for the third time.

In 2017, JOP also won the "European Composer Award", with Mariana Vieira's "Raiz".

In addition to the debut of João Godinho's “Reach” / “Reach”, this year JOP also played George Enescu and Beethoven.

João Godinho, born in 1976, studied piano at the National Conservatory School of Music, has the Composition Course at the Lisbon Superior School of Music, and the name associated with projects such as the Big Band Junior and the Lisbon Jazz Summer School.

He has been a programming advisor for the Belém Cultural Center, has worked on programs for Antena 2, such as "Que Música É Esta" and "Out of Format", and has been composing regularly since the mid-2000s.

He is the author of "Kaminari", ballet music, premiered at the Camões Theater, "From Falling Down", for piano and string quartet, "Xilófago Insect", for solo marimba, commissioned for the Young Musicians Award of Antena 2 (2007), "O Marionetista", for alto saxophone and string quartet, premiered by Orchestrestrica at the Estoril Music Festival of the same year, and "Fogo Posto" for solo piano, which Joana Gama debuted in 2011, at the Cascais Cultural Center.

In 2013 he composed "Trovoada", for solo piano, music for the homonymous dance show by Luís Guerra.

In 2017, he wrote "Nocturno", for solo piano and 'toy piano', for the joint show by pianist Joana Gama and choreographer Victor Hugo Pontes.

The concert program at the Konzerthaus Berlin was played in Lisbon, CCB, on July 28th.

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