João Ramos took the best on Alexandre Ré and won – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

João Ramos took the best on Alexandre Ré and won - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The pair João Ramos / Vítor Jesus (Toyota Hilux), in direct confrontation with Alexandre Ré, navigated by Hugo Magalhães at the controls of a VW Amarok, took the best and won the Baja de Loulé.

In a game of 'cat and mouse' throughout the two Sectors played today, after leaving the front, Alexandre Ré still maintained the position but in the final tip the pilot of the Toyota Hilux stood out to win with a lead of 1m13,0s , after Ré had an advantage of 1'50.0s at the end of the first Sector of the day, but as in All Terrain the unpredictability is enormous, the advantage has vanished.

On the lower rung of the podium finished the pair Pedro Dias da Silva / José Janela (Ford MO EXR05 Proto), with more than 17 minutes of disadvantage for the winner, making clear the pace imposed by the two teams in front of the race.

In the fourth place, after a first part of the race without great fanfare, finished André Amaral, navigated by the Algarve Nelson Ramos, at the controls of a Ford Ranger, being 11m56,0s of the lowest step of the podium, being in front of the pair David Spranger / Paulo Fiúza (BMW 316 Proto), which spent 14m37.0s more than the pilot sailed by the Algarve.

In the sixth place Edgar Condenso / Nuno Silva (Opel Mokka Proto) finished the first day of the top ten, but moved up a few positions to 4m08.0s from 5th place but in front of the winner of category T8 , João Rato / Pedro Colaço (Land Rover Discovery TD5S Wildcat), being separated by 5m42,0s, that was imposed in the fight for the category to the teams Rui Marques / Miguel Marques (Nissan Navara D21) and Mário Duarte / Joaquim Serrão (Toyota RAV 4), separated by differences for about 5 minutes.

In the closing of the top-ten finished the pair Filipe Nascimento / Paulo Torres (Mazda CX5 Proto).

You can check the ratings clicking here.

The next event of the National All-Terrain Championship, under the aegis of the Portuguese Motoring and Karting Federation, is the Baja TT Capital Vinhos Portugal, from May 24 to 26, organized by the Motorcycle Section of the Reguenguense Society in Reguengos de Monsaraz .



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