Jorge Pelicano, Edgar Pêra and Leonor Teles films at Caminhos festival – News

Jorge Pelicano, Edgar Pêra and Leonor Teles films at Caminhos festival - News

The Caminhos do Cinema festival, which runs from November 23 to December 1, counts this year with a program of 74 hours of films, among which works by the directors Jorge Pelicano, Edgar Pêra and Leonor Teles.

The festival starts on November 23 with the symposium "Fusões no Cinema", in São João da Madeira, and the next day begins the film competition of the main selection at the Academic Theater of Gil Vicente (TAGV) in Coimbra, announced today the organization, in a press release sent to the Lusa agency.

In its 24th edition, the festival dedicated to Portuguese cinema will feature 26 feature films, 110 short films, 17 documentaries and 21 animations, in a total of 74 hours, five minutes and 55 seconds of "new paths", the festival revealed. .

The difficult relationship between a mother and a pornographic child, in Jorge Pelicano's "Hasta por el porno separa", the contingencies of the life of a fisherman on the edge of the Tagus, in "Terra Franca" a film by Leonor Teles, or a reflection on the colonial presence in São Tomé from the cacao plantations in Silas Tiny's "The Corner of the Ossobó" are some of the proposals of Caminhos in documentary cinema.

In fiction, the police officer "Cabaret Maxime" by Bruno de Almeida, João Botelho's adaptation of the book "Pilgrimage" by Fernão Mendes Pinto, "Magnetic Paths" and "The Man-Pykante" by Edgar Pêra, and "A Portuguesa", an adaptation by Rita Azevedo Gomes of the work of the same name by Robert Musil, among others.

According to the organization, will be in commercial anthesis "Until Porno separates" by Jorge Pelicano and "Lovers on the Border" by Atsushi Funahashi (with production of the Portuguese Bando à Parte), in addition to being given space for national cinematography such as "Pedro and Inês," by António Ferreira, "A Árvore" by André Gil Mata, and the animation "O Agouro" by David Doutel and Vasco Sá.

This year the festival received a total of 762 applications – 439 from 65 countries for the "Essays – World Paths" selection, the only section dedicated to international films that seeks to distinguish works produced in an academic context.

The organization also stresses that programming is intended to be a plural reflection of the annual production of Portuguese cinema, also promoting works produced outside the two major cities – Lisbon and Porto -, considering the productions of Persona Non Grata, Filmographer, Zêzere or Bando à Parte " essential for this diversity ".

As a novelty for the program of this year's festival, a new parallel section, entitled "Otras Olhares", will appear, covering "experimental and experimental films", where it will be possible to find works "El Espectador Espantado" by Edgar Pêra, "Cimbalino "by Jerónimo Rocha, or" Lupo "by Pedro Lino.

This section will be displayed in the mini-Salgado Zenha, in the building of the Academic Association of Coimbra.

The festival ends on December 1, with the awards ceremony in the different categories and competitive sections.

The single ticket costs between three and four euros, the ticket for ten sessions between 15 and 20 euros and the pass free of transit between 25 to 30 euros.

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