José Castelo Branco reacts to the provocation of André Ventura: "Pindérico" – Present

José Castelo Branco reacts to the provocation of André Ventura: "Pindérico" - Present

José Castelo Branco recently announced that he wanted to run for the next legislative elections. The name of his party would be the Portuguese Justice Movement and the campaign slogan 'Enough!'. Information that did not go unnoticed to André Ventura, head of list of the coalition Basta to the last Europeans, that reacted soon to the news.

Comments that left José Castelo Branco displeased, as he himself did know through several videos published in his Instagram account.

"I saw some news in which there is an interview of a creature called Ventura who was the head of a party's list called Basta, and was offended because I used the word Basta." First, Mr. Ventura, I did not even know of the existence of your party because I did not even notice when I went to vote that there was something called Basta Second, I do not need stage because my stage is natural. I was born on the stage. Third, you should be ashamed to insult me ​​because I did not do you any strict bullying, I do not know you"he began by saying.

In another video, José Castelo Branco accused André Ventura of being "homophobic and transphobic." "[…] I wanted to give you two messages or three. First, he called me ordinary. My dear, vulgar and vulgar is you. You are the stable. Call me vulgar to me? With what right? For now it is homophobic, it is transphobic, besides having the other phobias all".

But he did not stop here and added: "Besides calling me ordinary, I think it's a dog thing under, You're a creature that should be ashamed., who did not even go to the RTP debate and went to comment on football for CMTV … I have nothing to do with this, you have to make money, of course, but noblesse oblige … I wanted to be a rooster chicken in Brussels and then will comment on football. It's better to go solo as a football commentator because You do not even have the category to be in front of a party., noblesse oblige. And then he arms himself on the right, a Christian Democrat, and insults his neighbor. And in monarchical? What monarchy? Where is it coming from? See my genealogy. Do not be pindérico, sir, which is absolutely ridiculous".

The socialite also responded to the words of André Ventura, who said "that politics was not a reality show", according to Castelo Branco. "Of course my dear, it's not reality show. […] And you think I'm a reality show there because I did the reality show? If you have to make money to comment football, I also have to make money to do reality shows, if it is the job they give me. […] And besides, you do not have the right to the word"he said.

José Castelo Branco then spoke of the controversial declarations of André Ventura, who was one of the candidates for the Loures City Hall. "Then you – who are always behind the president of Benfica, because you are a pindérico, who has no other name – as he had the courage to say, to run for the presidency of the Câmara de Loures, which ran with all the gypsies. What harm did the Gypsies do to you? I love the gypsies. […] You should be ashamed. It is said to be monarchical. But who are you to say that you are a monarchist? "

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