José Sócrates declares war on António Costa – The Economic Journal

Former Prime Minister José Sócrates on 31 August launched a ruthless attack on the current head of government, António Costa, in an opinion article published in the weekly Expresso.

“It is becoming unbearable to watch, unresponsive, to the attacks the PS leader makes on the history of the Socialist Party and previous socialist governments,” says José Sócrates.

The former prime minister reacted to Antonio Costa's remarks in an interview with TVI, in which the current chief executive said that "the Portuguese have a bad memory of the absolute majorities of both the PSD and the PS."

“To tell you the truth, I never thought things would get this far. It never occurred to me to find myself in the uncomfortable situation of reminding someone that the Government that you now curse was, after all, the Government in which you participated, ”says José Sócrates in that opinion article in the Expresso.

According to the former prime minister, António Costa's remarks in the interview with TVI are part of a "strategy to have an absolute majority", discrediting it as a political solution.

"Basically what they seem to mean is that they are all horrible – except that he himself will obtain and which will differ from the others that have been obtained by hiding this ambition and even denying that purpose."

And José Sócrates concludes his comment on Antonio Costa's statements ironically: “This is perhaps what they call strategy”.

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