Journal As Beiras – Academic: Central Effectiveness

Journal As Beiras - Academic: Central Effectiveness

Liga Portugal

Finish 2019 in style (three straight wins) and start 2020 by showing strength and cohesion with a new victory, 1-3, this time in the stronghold of the FC Porto B, Dr. Jorge Sampaio Stadium, in Pedroso, Vila Nova de Gaia.

THE Academic live the best moment of the season and on matchday 15 of the 2nd league, played yesterday afternoon, once again began a calendar year winning away from home, something that had not happened in league games for almost 31 years, more precisely since the 1988/1989 season (8 January 1989). , Briosa knocked out Mangualde, 0-2).

João Carlos Pereira made two changes in the opening eleven of Briosa, with Cerqueira (left-back) and Mike (right-back), who were punished in the previous round triumph against Oliveirense (4-3), returning to the title.
It was the young dragons who had the first opportunities. Djim, at 4 ', forced Mika into a tight save and, at 7', tried again, with a long-range shot, but the ball went just wide.

Luís Mata commits penalty after 18 minutes and is sent off
One of the "key" moments of the match came in the 18th minute. Cerqueira crossed into the area and, in the second post zone, Barnes Osei was, according to referee Miguel Nogueira, prevented from reaching the ball by Luís Mata. The captain Portista was eventually sent off and, the next minute, 19 ', Zé Castro opened the active, 0-1, scoring the penalty irreproachable (ball to one side and goalkeeper to the other).

You can read the full chronicle from the Porto Canal television broadcast in the paper edition of this Monday, January 6, from Diário As Beiras

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