Journalists visit Algarve producers – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Journalists visit Algarve producers - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Continuing the dissemination actions of the Algarve Wine Region, the CVA – Algarve Wine Commission – received for 3 days the presence of two wine journalists from the prestigious FIJEV – International Federation of Journalists and Writers of Wines and Spirits, with the objective of visit some Algarve producers and get to know the region better and its wine potential.

Last year the Vitivinícola Region was visited by three foreign journalists and this year the initiative was maintained with the female presence of two journalists – Lisete Osório and Marie Roginska – from Portugal and France respectively. Lisete Osório writes for publications in Spain and is also herself producing wine from a family estate in the Douro, thus having the practical experience of production combined with tasting. Marie Roginska is also a person whose knowledge goes beyond the organoleptic evaluation, since it is formed in oenology and has the technical knowledge associated with winemaking.

The visit program was held from October 3 to 5, and was followed up by the CVA, which forwarded them to the producers who joined the project and received visitors in their facilities and made their projects and projects known in addition to their wines. its history and the motivations for the production of the Algarvian nectars that have been tried these days. For Lisete Osório this was a long-desired visit and when the opportunity arose, he did not hesitate, because he confessed that "knew very little about the wines of the region and who came more and more to hear about them, wanting to deepen their knowledge and information about the Algarve and its current state of production". For Marie, it was also the first time in the region and she considered it to be "refreshing to be able to know and write about a region unknown to me. Usually the visits are organized to other better known regions, but we are always looking forward to new experiences and to try out other projects, such as here in the Algarve".

On October 5, the journalists finished their visit after lunch and went to VINIPAX in Beja, a competition that goes to the 12th edition and which, under the motto "Vinhos e Sensações do Sul", was one of the most important wine shows in the south of the country. country and an important presence for the Algarve Wines, which are also part of the South, to mark its presence and to boost its production as a region.

In this sense, the CVA will also be present at the large wine event of Campo Pequeno – The Wine Market – which will take place from October 19 to 21 in Lisbon and will have a good presence of several Algarve producers who through the space provided by CVA or on their own stand, will make known or reinforce their presence in the important Lisbon market.



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