Journey: PlayStation 3 classic hit iOS devices – iOS

Journey: PlayStation 3 classic hit iOS devices - iOS

If you are or were the happy owner of a PlayStation 3, you might remember a game called Journey. Thatgamecompany's product has become an indie classic of that generation. The minimalist and naturalistic aesthetics, coupled with a powerful narrative, made the proposal an immersive experience that was distinguished from the rest of the console catalog by the difference it offered. Now the game comes to the App Store to hook those who have one of their top gaming consoles on their iPhone or iPad.

Journey was published on iOS by Annapurna Interactive (Florence, Gorogoa, Donut County) and is now available for 5.49 euros.

In Journey, the player plays the role of a hooded character who embarks on a journey to a mountain that can be seen on the horizon. The path is full of curiosities and mysteries, captivating visuals and immersive music.

Bringing the game to mobile platforms is not a new strategy for thatgamecompany. Already in 2017, the studio converted Flower, originally released for PS3, for iOS. His latest game, Sky: Children of the Light, is a temporary exclusive for Apple smartphones and tablets, and expansion to conventional platforms should only happen later.

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