Judicial officials mark strikes until January of next year – Jornal Econômico

Judicial officials mark strikes until January of next year - Jornal Econômico

Judicial officials today decided in plenary to advance to strikes in November, December and January if the Ministry of Justice does not respond positively to claims related to careers, remuneration and retirement, as well as a professional status.

Wearing black jerseys with the inscription "Justice for those who work", these professionals demonstrated in Lisbon and decided to approve a motion to hand over to the Ministry of Justice, reporting the dissatisfaction, after showing a red card to the government, which served to vote the document.

"We have already received confirmation that we will be received, probably by the chief of staff," Fernando Jorge Fernandes, president of the Union of Judicial Officials (SFJ), told Lusa news agency.

Hundreds of officials gathered at Terreiro do Paço, where CGTP Secretary-General Arménio Carlos was present at the beginning of the afternoon and called for the participation of these workers in the national demonstration scheduled for November 15 in Lisbon, said the SFJ leader.

The claims pass through the professional status and by the salary scale, matters related to the entry into the career, promotions and retirement regime.

These workers also require retraining of the careers with the count of nine years, four months and two days of service time frozen by budgetary impositions.

Fernando Jorge considered today's action "a warning" and a signal to the Ministry of Justice, after negotiations were interrupted on May 30, classifying the protest as "the greatest manifestation ever" of these professionals.

The SFJ intends that the negotiations be resumed with a view to the approval of a professional status that recognizes the effective dignity of the class.

The resolution leading to this plenary scheduled a national part-time strike from 00:00 to 11:00, from 12:30 to 13:30 and from 16:00 to 24:00, beginning on November 5 and ended on December 31.

It also includes a national strike for the day the Justice Minister moves to parliament to discuss the State Budget proposal for 2019.

A strike of five consecutive days is also scheduled, between 00:00 and 24:00, starting on January 7 and finishing on 11.

The slogan in today's rally was "Justice."

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