Judicial police in operation against corruption in obtaining licenses for TVDE platforms – Computers

Judicial police in operation against corruption in obtaining licenses for TVDE platforms - Computers

The Judiciary Police is conducting an anti-corruption operation related to issuing and obtaining licenses for drivers to work on TVDE platforms such as Uber, Cabify and Kapten, news from TVI24.

In the field are about 140 elements of the Judicial Police and have already made about 10 arrests and searches to driving schools and the Institute of Mobility and Transportation. According to advanced, the entities will have received bribes to facilitate the obtaining of licenses for the drivers of the mobility platforms.

According to TVI24, the detainees include doctors who passed false testimonials, a lawyer, as well as heads of training centers, an IMT coordinator responsible for inspecting schools. Drivers were also detained for the license to work on the platforms. Finally, people who were getting candidates to participate in the scheme were also detained by the police.

To apply for the license to work on TVDE platforms, drivers must meet certain requirements, such as having a clean criminal record and training at least 50 hours in driving schools. Only afterwards can the application be submitted to the IMT (Institute of Mobility and Transport for certification). In the practice of corruption, candidates "skip" the requirements, not complying with the minimum law, to enter the market quickly of work.

According to advanced sources to Correio da Manhã, the scheme of corruption between people related to different entities and drivers has been in force for about a year. The TSF said that the operation "Pandora's Box" also involved 10 Judicial and Public Prosecutors, together with the PJ agents to carry out more than 40 searches, both domiciliary and non-residential, in the areas of Lisbon, Lourinhã, Loures, Pinhal Novo, Óbidos, Santarém, Torres Vedras, Amadora, Peniche, Sintra, Almada and Cascais. According to the Judiciary Police, the detainees will be present on Wednesday at the first judicial interrogation, at the Court of Criminal Investigation of Lisbon, to apply coercive measures to the suspects.

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