Just Cause 4: Freeing the Island from Dictators and Hurricanes – Multimedia

Just Cause 4: Freeing the Island from Dictators and Hurricanes - Multimedia

Keeping the dynamics of scenario destruction from previous games, the new chapter in the series starring Rico Rodriguez adds extreme weather changes to the equation.

The new title of the explosive series Just Cause has arrived in stores, and like the previous ones, the protagonist Rico Rodriguez will have to overthrow the dictator leader of an island and its faithful armies. For this you can use their powerful arsenal, such as machine guns, bazookas or shotguns, but all this can be replaced by a more creative approach.

For this Rico counts on his special gadgets, such as the fact equipped with parapente and his dynamic hook. In practice you can point the retractable hook to a helicopter and quickly take over your controls. Or throw explosive barrels at buildings. There are a lot of opportunities to demolish buildings, dictators' statues, or propaganda placards.

To all these elements, the new title introduces in the formula the use of extreme weather conditions. The new version of the Apex graphics engine, produced by Avalanche Studios, can generate gigantic sandstorms or tornadoes, tornadoes and other destructive elements of nature. And of course, being a bad ass like Rico Rodriguez, the protagonist will simply "surf" on these elements and if necessary, use them to their advantage against the enemies.

Just Cause was released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions.

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