Kanye West shows mobile phone pin during talk with Trump: PSP leaves warning on social networks – Showbiz

Trump and Kanye West star in unusual meeting at White House - Showbiz

"Do not do as Mr West implies opting for a complex PIN," warned the PSP on Facebook.

Donald Trump has decided to welcome the rapper, one of his most fervent supporters, an evidence – according to the president – of his popularity among the black electorate on Thursday, Oct. 11.

During the conversation, and with numerous media around him, the artist revealed the password of his iPhone: 00000. In his Facebook account, the Public Security Police (PSP) did not let the moment pass and left a warning.

"Do not do as Mr. West implies to opt for a complex PIN, preserving the security of all the personal information that is on his mobile device," wrote the PSP in his account in the social network, adding that codes should be avoided as "000000", "123456" or "111111".

The PSP also advises "to do the same with the passwords as well as lock the device before you end, not reveal any code in public and think of your mobile device as a computer that needs to be protected and safe."

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