Karate: Liga Soshinkai ended in Aguada de Cima



The 3rd matchday of the Soshinkai League in karate was held in Aguada de Cima, organized by AK Águeda on April 13, awarding several athletes from AK Águeda – Águeda Karate Association and KSA – Águeda Karate Shotokan.

In kata competitions, AK Águeda recorded the first place of Salomé Espinhal, the second places of Pedro Almeida, Ricardo Espinhal and Viviana Matos and the third places of Leandro Marques, Sara Morais and António Marques
The KSA, also in kata, took first place of Ana Costa (children), the second places of Ánia Almeida and Miguel Duarte (female and male infamys, respectively), Mara Almeida (initiated) and Ruben Ferreira (cadet) places of Yara Martins and Camila Moreira (infantile feminine), Bernardo Almeida, Daniel Loureiro and Avelino Alves (male infantile), Duarte Miranda, João Duarte and Dinis Pinto (male initiates), Ruben Pires (juveniles) and Francisco Pereira (senior).
In addition to these, Vanessa Costa, coach of the same, but representing the KDM – Karate of Mafamude in this competition, reached the 2nd place in female senior kata.
This event, included in the Shotokan Karate International Portugal (SKI-P) activity map, was the culmination of three rounds played throughout the current sporting season. About 450 athletes from all over the country and a panel of 40 referees participated in the tournament in the LAAC pavilion. The competition unfolded distributed by 4 tatamis, in the modalities of kata (forms) and kumite (combat).

Top photo: KSA Karatecas – Shotokan Karate of Águeda
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Karatecas of AK Águeda with the diplomas

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