Ken Humano explains reason for arrest – Current News

Ken Humano explains reason for arrest - Current News

Rodrigo Alves was arrested in Berlin this Wednesday, as he himself showed on social networks.

After sharing a video on his account at Instagram where he appears to be arrested by the Berlin authorities, Rodrigo Alves, known as Ken Humano, again resorted to the social network to explain the reason for the arrest.

As the celebrity explained in the videos published in the Instagram Stories, he was recording on the street when authorities asked for the documents of all those involved in the shoot to know if they had the authorization.

Ken claims that they had authorization for the recordings, however, the police also wanted to see the documents of each one, including the passport. "When it was my turn to show my passport, I had my old passport instead of the new one. I forgot my new passport, "he said, referring to the fact that he was detained.

But everything turned out well and managed to solve the problem with the help of a person from the British embassy. "Everything was fine and now I continue my filming," he finished.

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