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The Government announced this Thursday, October 11, the winners of the second edition of the Participatory Budget Portugal (OPP), which aims to finance national and regional projects, with five million euros of the State Budget. The competition included 691 proposals focusing on areas such as culture, education, youth and sport, justice, agriculture and the environment.

This year, the amount awarded to the winning PPP projects increased from three million to five million euros, and for the first time citizens were able to submit proposals for all areas of government. To the office of the Minister of the Presidency and Administrative Modernization, Maria Manuel Leitão Marques, more than 1,400 ideas arrived for Portugal through the OPP website or the 37 participatory meetings they held throughout the country.

Also the number of votes in this year's OPP increased by 50% to 119,703 compared to the previous year. The bidding phase started on January 23 and lasted until April 24, while the voting phase started on June 11 and ended on September 30.

These are the 22 winning projects of the second edition of the OPP:

National winning projects
Project Investment Details
Bullfighting for Everyone 50,000 euros Creation of a program for the dissemination of information and knowledge on the Portuguese Tauromachy culture, in its territorial diversity and thematic multiplicity, in its material component and in its immaterial component, to citizens
Lambarices Fair 250,000 euros Mega cultural event to promote national sweets, in the tourist village of Águeda council of Vale Domingos
Portugal without Bullfights 200,000 euros To demystify the principles in which the oxidative activity is self-justifying and contribute to the construction of a critical thought in relation to it within Portuguese society
Regional winning projects – North
Project Investment Details
Cycle Academy 300,000 euros Encourage the promotion of cycling mobility and road education through sport through the promotion of programs and activities of road education in schools, using cycling athletes and technicians of the Cávado Inter-Municipal Transportation Authority
Border 300,000 euros Social reintegration of the reclusive population through the development or acquisition of normative lifestyles, basic skills, personal and social, promoting a progressive autonomy of its beneficiaries
Regional winning projects – Centro
Project Investment Details
Example of didactic and entertaining village 300,000 euros Strengthen the offer of activities for the children and young people who visit the village of Vale Domingos, in the municipality of Águeda
explorAPPateira 200,000 euros Creation of a mobile application that provides information about the Lagoa da Pateira de Fermentelos, including the history and genesis of the lagoon, interactive maps of the surrounding pedestrian paths, the fauna and flora, a didactic game and the possibility of sharing photographic records, comments and suggestions
Live Forest 100,000 euros Promote the importance of sustainable management of the territory and in particular of rural, forest, agricultural and natural areas, with the implementation of sustainable forestry practices adapted to the climate change framework
Regional winning projects – Lisbon Metropolitan Area
Project Investment Details
In demand of the secrets of the natural evolution of the Portuguese vine 200,000 euros Enrich the vast portfolio of Portuguese grape varieties, confirming Portugal as "a true Noah's Ark of the vine where a modern, developed and efficient viticulture was able to respect to benefit from the natural process of evolution of the species."
ABC of the theater 250,000 euros Creation of a non-profit children's theater school, entirely free for users, covering young people from 7 to 16 years old.
Regional winning projects – Alentejo
Project Investment Details
A dip in history 300,000 euros To develop an integrated underwater archaeological chart of the coast of Alentejo Litoral, with a critical analysis of shipwrecks by regions, with the inventoried sites to be analyzed and cataloged in relation to their relevance, stability, threats, costs of monitoring, registration or intervention
Music, Arts and Science 250,000 euros Project designed to offer, 8 to 10 times a year, masterclasses from one to two weeks for between 10 and 24 young musicians, Portuguese and foreign, culminating in concerts
Astronomical Park of Alentejo 90,000 euros Trying to take advantage of the exceptional Alentejo sky, one of the cleanest in Europe, to observe the sky, this proposal intends to create
an astronomy park in this region and create a series of open-air teaching modules that can help our understanding of our
place in the universe
Regional winning projects – Algarve
Project Investment Details
Literary Route of the Algarve 120,000 euros Creating a Literary Route of the Algarve is to create a new look about this region: a look mediated by literary texts and with which we read space, monuments, history, legends, nature, the Algarve and its ancestral practices
Bird accommodation 150,000 euros Free distribution of nest box for different types of birds to the municipalities and schools interested in the Algarve region and carrying out environmental education actions
Dynamization of the Ermida de Santo António do Alto € 70,000 Rehabilitate and open to the public the Church, the mirador and the Antonino museum, aiming to enrich the cultural, historical, artistic and leisure heritage.
Back to the Future 150,000 euros Teach and train correct postures in order to prevent the early onset of back pain in children and decrease their incidence in adulthood.
Regional winning projects – Azores
Project Investment Details
From People to the People 200,000 euros Creation of the Interpretation Center Francisco de Lacerda (CIFL) aims to divulge, preserve and monitor the material and immaterial legacy of the musicologist, musician, poet and conductor Francisco de Lacerda, developing informative, experiential, emotional and experimental actions in different aspects of artistic activity
Creation of the Information, Mediation and Arbitration Center of the Azores 300,000 euros Creation of the Center for Information, Mediation and Arbitration of the Azores, where the resolution of consumer disputes of a civil nature will be carried out through legal information, mediation, conciliation and arbitration
"Philosophy for Children and Adolescents: an instrument that enhances social inclusion" 100,000 euros Promotion, in a community of philosophical dialogue, the cognitive, affective and behavioral skills of children, adolescents and adults
Regional winning projects – Madeira
Project Investment Details
Cowork Wood 300,000 euros Creation of cowork space – equipment, technical resources, etc. – aimed at young people, located in the municipality of Funchal, the capital of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, open to the use of young people from all over the Region
RESS – Network for Social and Solidarity Economy 200,000 euros Creation of a formal network (composition and functioning) for the social and solidarity economy, with the aim of concentrating efforts on the achievement of synergies among all the Social Economy Organizations adherent and creating in the partnerships a culture of work

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