Labor law: What are the main changes concerned?

What is the change in the duration of term employment contracts?

The term of a fixed-term employment contract extends from the current three years so that it cannot exceed two years and the contract may be renewed up to three times. The duration of the uncertain term contract is a maximum of four years.

What is the length of the trial period?

The trial period goes from the current 90 to 180 days for workers who “hold positions of technical complexity, high degree of responsibility or presuppose a special qualification”; “Perform functions of trust”; and “are looking for a first job and long-term unemployed”.

The Labor Code further defines that the probationary period is reduced or excluded, depending on the duration of the previous fixed-term contract for the same activity, of temporary employment contract in the same job, of service contract for the same object, or professional internship for the same activity, has been less than or equal to or longer than the duration of that activity.

What is the duration of very short contracts?

Very short-term employment contracts were set at 35 days from the current 15 days. These contracts have been extended to all sectors, stating that “the employment contract to deal with an exceptional and substantial increase in the activity of a company whose annual cycle has irregularities arising from its market or of a structural nature which cannot be guaranteed by its structure permanent".

How many hours of training is the employee entitled to per year?

The worker is entitled each year to a minimum of forty hours of continuing training. When hired for a term of three months or more, the rule is that you are entitled to a minimum number of hours “commensurate with the duration of the contract in that year”.

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