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Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said he would not support the new proposal for a 'Brexit' deal today by British PM Theresa May and Conservative MPs are unhappy with the solution.

Jeremy Corbyn said that Theresa May's new proposal for an EU exit agreement is only "a repeat of the government's position" and will not be able to support this solution.

The opposition leader last week had abandoned the bargaining table with the Conservatives and confirmed today that he does not believe that May has a solution to the political impasse that has prevented the United Kingdom from complying with the decision of the 2016 referendum that has determined the exit of the European Union.

Still, Corbyn has agreed to "look seriously into the details of the draft withdrawal agreement when it is published," but reiterating that it will never accept "supporting a reused version of the old agreement."

Theresa May today presented a new proposal for a 'Brexit' agreement, which she will take to Parliament on June 3 but needs a majority of Conservative and Labor MPs to achieve the goal.

A few minutes after Theresa May presented her new proposal, also in the Conservative Party, several deputies have begun to be skeptical about trying to settle a Brexit deal.

Andrew Percy, Robert Halfon and Zac Goldsmith, Conservative MPs who had voted in favor of Theresa May's government's third-term proposal in Parliament, were disappointed with the new Prime Minister's solution.

Conservative parliamentarians are uncomfortable with the fact that Theresa May has included a mandatory vote on the possibility of a referendum on the exit agreement, which could turn into a second referendum on Brexit.

"I'm frustrated … I'm very worried about the possibility of a second referendum. People spoke at the first referendum, it was the final word on the subject for a generation, "Andrew Percy told reporters.

Also Robert Halfon, who has been at other times alongside Theresa May in an attempt to find a solution to the standoff over the deal, now does not hide his reservations.

"If Theresa May supports a second referendum, it becomes very difficult for me to support the new proposal in Parliament," Halfon said in an entry on her personal Twitter account.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has today introduced a new 'Brexit' proposal that will lead to the British Parliament and allows MPs to vote on a second referendum if there is agreement on exit.

In a statement hours after her government endorsed this new 'Brexit' proposal, Theresa May said today that she remains 'committed to securing the UK's exit from the European Union' and was confident that the new proposal would Parliament, where it will be voted on in the first week of June.

May says the proposal will include the requirement that there be a vote in Parliament on whether to hold a new referendum on Brexit, but this new referendum can only take place if MEPs approve the exit agreement.

If so, this second referendum should take place before the EU's exit agreement is ratified.

The British Prime Minister put forward some new ideas for the new proposal, ensuring the protection of workers' rights, committing herself to remain aligned with Northern Ireland on the backstop and ensuring that there will be no changes in environmental protection if out of the UK.

The new proposal for an agreement will be taken to Parliament on June 3, so that Members who have rejected three previous times have expressed their views.

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