Lack of closet space? Learn how to make a belt organizer

Lack of closet space? Learn how to make a belt organizer

Are you short of space in the closets at home? Learn how to make a belt organizer, a practical and innovative solution to store the many accessories of these that you tend to accumulate. If you are in a position to occupy your free time with original and creative tasks, we suggest you build one at a glance, a gift that can cost you less than five euros and has the added advantage of being made by you.

To proceed, you will need:

– 1 wooden hanger
– 5 shrimp

How to proceed

1. Screw the shrimps on the wooden hanger, after previously marking the space where each one will fit.

2. Hang your seatbelts and voila! Then just hang them and you will have your wardrobe always in order.

If you prefer, to give (still) more color to your closet, you can paint your hanger with strong and warm tones or decorate it with stickers or with spangles glued. If you do one with the intention of offering it, you can also take advantage of it to personalize it, by painting it with tones that please the recipient or even by customizing it through adhesive bonding or coating with different types of materials.

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