Lacobrigense municipality promotes safe return to classes

Lacobrigense municipality promotes safe return to classes

With the 2020/2021 school year about to start, the municipality of Lagos and the municipality's School Groups have as one of their “biggest concerns a safe return for students, teachers and non-teachers”. In this sense, several actions were carried out with the objective of ensuring compliance with all government guidelines and health authorities with regard to combating the spread of covid-19.

As a measure to promote the safety of the school community, an example is the reinforcement of non-teaching staff through the hiring of 30 operational assistants in the two groups of the municipality, Júlio Dantas and Gil Eanes. The common areas of the schools have been and will be regularly targeted for cleaning and disinfection interventions and school transport will also have their offer adapted. In close collaboration with the Civil Protection of Lagos, to better clarify doubts related to norms and procedures in the context of the pandemic, several actions are being promoted with the direction of the groupings.

In order to improve the quality and conditions of teaching, other measures were also implemented with direct implications for the functioning of teaching activities within the scope of municipal competences. In the food area, vegetarian meals will be included in school menus for all students in pre-school and 1st cycle of basic education. The primary schools of Odiáxere, Santa Maria, Ameijeira and Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen will see part of their furniture renovated through an investment of 17 thousand euros.

In the field of technology, the computer equipment recently acquired to support distance learning (400 laptops and 100 tablets) will remain under the purview of groupings to promote equal opportunities in education, maintaining the loan and with an obligation to repay at the end of the school year. In addition, all classrooms of the 2nd and 3rd cycles of the Schools of Naus and Tecnopolis and all libraries of the elementary schools of both groups will be equipped with interactive panels, in a total of 66 pieces of equipment, which resulted from an investment of 112 thousand euros. This measure follows the process started last year, where the classrooms of the 1st cycle of basic education were equipped with these materials.


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