Lage explains John Félix's fall in income

Lage explains John Félix's fall in income

Bruno Lage was present in the press room of the Training Center of Seixal to make the preview of the game with Moreirense. The coach spoke of the income of João Félix and his call to the national team and also of the situation of Fejsa.

John Félix: "I understand the question, but why do we only evaluate three games?" "We have to look at the course, it's the same as looking at a championship month. If we were to look at the career of Cristiano Ronaldo, there are also less positive moments.We have to find the best way.If you did not play the last game it is because we have to do the effort management.The fact of having two or three days of rest between games and he is an athlete who did not have many minutes in the beginning of the season.

John Félix yields less without Seferovic? "They are opinions … What is the income? Scoring goals? I did not put it on the pitch because we were looking for other things." John must get used to it, because you do not do extraordinary things, then normal does not come … You're the ones who started comparing him to Cristiano Ronaldo and he's just still João Félix. "

João Felix Félix's call to the national team: "It's a result of work." He looked at what João's career has been like. "It's a natural call, he's done a good job and that's why he was called."

Fejsa and the 120 minutes in front of Dinamo Zagreb: "Why did not I take it?" There are people who draw conclusions without knowing what is in our head. Fejsa is a champion who did 90 minutes and when he finished, he made the 30's. He did not have any income breaks, we have not had physical breaks. "

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