Lagoa and Carvoeiro reinforce economic support

Lagoa and Carvoeiro reinforce economic support

During the year 2021, the Union of Parishes of Lagoa and Carvoeiro, will double the amount made available, in previous years, in collaboration protocols, to the collectives, IPSS´s and entities of the parish. The conclusion of the collaboration protocols with entities based in the territory is being concluded.

Altogether there will be about 20 entities that will benefit from this support from UFLC, including sports groups, animal protection associations, Listening Groups, School Group, among others, for a total of 60 thousand euros.

The executive considers it "important to reinforce the amount allocated in order to assist the entities in resuming their activities, as well as in promoting the social work developed by each one of them". Although many entities have reduced their expenses, as they are closed, the lack of profit and financial difficulties outweigh the financial commitments that continued to be assumed. The executive recalls that "regrettably, many of them lost their income, such as monthly fees, bar revenues, FATACIL revenues and that it is therefore important to reinforce the support granted".

The president of UFLC, Joaquim João, considers that «the collectivities, IPSS´s and the entities develop an extraordinary social work in the community and will be the determining elements in the post-pandemic period, needing our help, today more than ever».


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