Lagoa Chamber clarifies support measures

Lagoa Chamber clarifies support measures

The Mayor of Lagoa and the Tourist Region of the Algarve, informed the micro-entrepreneurs about what support, from the government, they have at their disposal. The measures implemented include financial support, aimed at micro-companies (up to 9 workers) and Individual Entrepreneurs (ENI) in the Tourism sector, with a value of € 750 per month for each existing job in the company on February 29, 2020 , multiplied by three months, up to a maximum amount of 20 thousand euros.

Managing partners may also be included in this measure if their function is remunerated and included in the Remuneration statement submitted to Social Security. The financing is repayable without interest and is repaid within three years with a grace period of 12 months.

In addition to clarifying what support is available, the Mayor of Lagoa stressed the need to “not lose out, what was achieved with everyone's effort”, in a time of confinement. He reinforced the idea that, “it is necessary to keep in mind that the end of the state of emergency does not mean the end of danger. Therefore, it is still necessary to use the care and prevention practices previously recommended ».

The Mayor of Lagoa also met, this Monday, with the managers of the large commercial areas (hypermarkets) and with the managers of the filling stations of the municipality, «who are from the places where there will be, daily, a greater population agglomeration , to appeal to them to continue to be rigorous in measures to contain the spread of Covid-19, as it has done so far ». He acknowledged the «excellent work he has done but recalled that we cannot let our guard down».

«On this first day of the rest of the new normality of our lives that coincides with the beginning of the ninth week of the new reality that we face in Lagoa», Luís Encarnação returned «to thank the contribution of all Lagoenses for the success of the confinement phase and, in particular, those that guarantee the production and distribution of essential goods and services ”.

To the availability of the Municipality to collaborate with these strategic operators, Luís Encarnação added the intention to cooperate with the tourism sector «responsible for more than 90% of the economy of the municipality of Lagoa».


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