Lagoa Council supports students from the municipality with school supplies and free transportation

Lagoa Council supports students from the municipality with school supplies and free transportation

The Lagoa city council will provide preschool and 1st cycle students with school notebooks and other materials, which are part of a package of measures with which the municipality will support students in their municipality in the next school year. These forms of support that the municipality intends to target for families experiencing difficulties in the current pandemic context cover the various levels of training, from pre-school to the 1st cycle of basic and secondary education.

«The investment of the Lagoa city council in the area of ​​education, during the academic year 2019/2020, amounted to around one million euros. In the next school year, starting in September, we intend to continue this bet », declared Luís Encarnação at a meeting of the municipal education council. Referring to the municipal transport plan, the mayor announced that the municipality will provide free school transportation to all secondary school students, residing in the municipality and attending the Padre António Martins de
Oliveira de Lagoa.

Also included in this measure are students who are part of the High Performance Support Unit project at the same School (UAARE). Pre-school students continue to be supported until the 3rd cycle, already covered by the authority's competences. The municipality of Lagoa is preparing to offer free school transport to all students who pursue secondary education in the municipality of Lagoa in the academic year 2020/2021. To this end, it has also developed a new school transport circuit to facilitate the mobility of students residing in the localities of Sesmarias, Bela Vista and Ferragudo, who are enrolled in secondary education in the municipality and who do not have access to public transport that allows them to fulfill their school schedules.

The Mayor highlighted the importance of continuing to work in partnership between the various educational agents. "Only then will it be possible to reduce the various impacts of the pandemic on children and families in the municipality of Lagoa", reinforced Luís Encarnação.


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