Lagoa, Educating City discusses the importance of playing – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Lagoa, Educating City discusses the importance of playing - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

The Municipality of Lagoa organized the conference “Play is Precise!”, Which took place on September 26, at the Carlos do Carmo Auditorium in Lagoa, between 17h00 and 21h00.

290 participants were present, including educators, teachers, psychologists, speech therapists, education assistants, families, among others. The conference focused on the project “Escola Aprender +: Innovative Educating Environments” and resulted from two presentations given by psychologist Tânia Paias and Professor Carlos Neto, researcher at the Faculty of Human Motricity.

In the first presentation – “Playing, Relationships and Emotions”, Dr. Tânia Paias approached playing as the most precious task that children perform. Play as the space where you create, recreate, start plotting and find solutions. Also in this presentation, it was reflected on the importance of playing outdoors in the promotion of the sense of self, the knowledge of nature, the free exploration and the sharing of recreational environments. The lecturer also led to a reflection on the risk of using electronic devices that transport children to distant realities, few in relationships and that do not allow the development of skills such as: waiting, tolerating frustration, creativity, so necessary for life in society and for healthy relationships, preventing violence.

Secondly, the presentation given by Professor Carlos Neto – “The importance of outdoor school spaces in the formation of citizenship and small researchers”, which stated that “a child who does not play regularly and without constraints in space and time She is a healthy child and studies show that there is a very relevant relationship between playing and being happy in childhood and success in adulthood. "Playing and being active in childhood allows us to develop the adaptive, resilient and creative skills needed to be happy, entrepreneurial and successful in adolescence and adulthood."



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