Lagoa invested three million in education in 2020

Lagoa invested three million in education in 2020

During 2020, the municipality of Lagoa invested three million one hundred and twenty thousand euros in the area of ​​education, which it continues to choose as "one of the priorities".

This Algarve municipality has been prioritizing, over the past few years, a policy of proximity and cooperation with the school community, in a «bet on the education of new generations. The diversity of the educational offer and the promotion of specific response programs, in structuring areas, such as “Portal Bullying”, “Aprender +”, “Lagoa a Ler”, “EPIS”, has been enhancing curricular, social and staff of children and young people in the municipality.

In addition to the promotion of these programs, there are also projects in the areas of psychomotricity, psychology, neuropsychology, speech therapy, school mediation, prevention of school violence, music in pre-school and 1st cycle. In addition to school social action, school transport, meals, extended hours and curricular enrichment, the municipality has also invested in the construction, maintenance and equipping of schools in the municipality.

«Lagoa has shown concern for the Education area for many years, making it one of its highest priorities. Aware of the fundamental role that the municipality can play in the areas of personal, social and academic training for citizens, we have been strengthening our dimension as a partner institution of the school and families ”, said Luís Encarnação, president of the city council of Lagoon.

The largest share of this investment was channeled to pre-school and 1st cycle establishments, where more than one million euros were invested. Of the total amount invested in the education sector, the hiring of non-teaching staff absorbed more than half a million. The extended family support component, on the other hand, captured more than a quarter of a million, while the school social action left almost another quarter of a million, with the remainder being invested in school transport, school equipment, furniture, storage, material pedagogical, in the aforementioned projects, among other direct and indirect expenses with education.


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