Lagoa invests in certification and increased skills

Lagoa invests in certification and increased skills

Adult people interested in certifying their skills, at the levels of 4th, 6th, 9th and 12th years of schooling, can now go to Centro Qualifica de Lagoa. All contacts, information and pre-registration are taking place, in person, in the building of the Transit School of the Municipality of Lagoa, where the Qualifica Center is provisionally installed, or in one of the two headquarters of schools in the municipality: Grouping Rio Arade Schools (AERA) or Padre António Martins de Oliveira de Lagoa School Group (ESPAMOL).

On the internet, the information is available on the municipality's website, and pre-registration can be done through online access. The municipality of Lagoa, a promoter of the Centro Qualifica de Lagoa, joined the Qualifica Program of the National Agency for Qualification and Professional Education
(ANQEP), "with the objective of reinforcing its intervention in the areas of education and training, promoting the acquisition of skills and lifelong learning for all people".

Thus, in conjunction with a network of public, private and social services in the municipality, the municipality intends to "increase the qualification levels of the municipality's population and promote their employability".

«The Centro Qualifica de Lagoa is prepared to assist, guide and direct adult people to learning and skills recognition pathways. Part of the real needs of both people and the various sectors of the local economy, for school and professional certification, at basic and secondary levels, ”said Luís Encarnação, Mayor of Lagoa.

The Centro Qualifica de Lagoa is co-financed by the European Social Fund, aims at the personal enhancement of each individual, offering information, guidance and referral to those looking for this service. It provides training modalities and access to processes for the recognition, validation and certification of skills (RVCC) acquired throughout life.


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