Lagoa is the municipality with the largest number of eco-schools

Lagoa is the municipality with the largest number of eco-schools

The Blue Flag of Europe Association (ABAE) has just awarded the Eco-Schools 2020 Award to 13 schools in the municipality of Lagoa. The Rio Arade School Group (AERA) has also distinguished itself as the only Eco-Group in the Algarve.

In an online session, held on November 13, the Day of the Green Flags – Eco-Schools Award was celebrated, highlighting the projects, schools and municipalities that contributed to make the day-to-day of schools and communities more sustainable. .

Lagoa positioned itself as the Algarve municipality with the most awarded schools, in a total of 13 (thirteen). AERA, one of the two existing School Groups in the municipality of Lagoa, also received the certificate reserved for Groupings where all schools are Eco-Schools.

The municipality of Lagoa has developed with ABAE, in recent years, a partnership for Education for environmental sustainability, a theme that Lagoa chose as a mark of the 2020/21 biennium. ABAE is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with an intervention in 77 countries, specializing in education for sustainability.

«To be sustainable is to have a socio-economic system in balance with the system that surrounds it, that is, with the biosphere», explained Margarida Gomes, ABAE's pedagogical coordinator, in her intervention at this event.
For his part, the mayor of Lagoa welcomed these distinctions in a year of increased difficulties, and praised the work developed within the scope of the Eco-Schools Project. «Despite the constraints associated with the physical closure of schools at the end of the previous academic year, the establishments of the public network (Groupings of Schools ESPAMOL and AERA) and the private network (Nobel International School), have engaged in
compliance with the Eco-Schools methodology and were able to carry the program through to completion, namely by encouraging the development of various activities at home. The distinction is thus well deserved by teachers, students, parents / guardians, technicians from the local authority and all the educational agents involved », stressed Luís
Encarnacão, Mayor of Lagoa.


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