Lagoa passes 5 Participatory Budget proposals

Lagoa passes 5 Participatory Budget proposals

The results of the technical analysis of the proposals submitted to the 2020 edition of the Participatory Budget (OP) of Lagoa are in public consultation. The “public consultation of the results of the technical analysis” of the proposals submitted, corresponds to the penultimate phase of the process started in May. The final presentation of the results, scheduled for October 2020, is the last step before the execution of the works chosen in the 7th edition of OP Lagoa.

After completing the technical analysis of the proposals, the city council makes public, at this stage, the lists of approved and non-approved projects. The grounds for approval or exclusion were previously discussed with the respective proponents. There are five proposals that meet the requirements defined by the OP Lagoa 2020 regulation. They are distributed in different parishes in the municipality and correspond to investments of a diversified nature.

The list of approved proposals includes the “Lombas with signs at Calvário” (Union of Parishes of Estômbar – Parchal); the “Park of physical exercise, leisure and socializing in Pateiro” (Union of Parishes of Estômbar – Parchal); the “Urban renewal on Rua da Liberdade” (Union of Parishes of Lagoa and Carvoeiro); o “Lagoa moto parking (All Parishes); and the “Sanitation water network for Sítio do Passarinho” (União de
Parishes of Lagoa and Carvoeiro).

The voting phase of the projects does not take place this year, since the volume of proposals did not exceed 300 thousand euros, the amount of the financial allocation allocated by the municipal executive to OP Lagoa. Streamlined without interruptions since 2014, the OP is part of the municipality's strategy for public participation. This year's edition of 2020 registered adaptations regarding the form of citizen participation. Due to the exceptional situation related to the pandemic, for the first time the submission of proposals occurred only in an online environment, through the digital platform.


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