Lagoa promotes dialogue and cultural diversity

Lagoa promotes dialogue and cultural diversity

Inspiring Models Network is a European initiative that aims to "promote social inclusion, citizenship, equal opportunities and respect for Human Rights", to which the Lagoa City Council has adhered ».

The municipality emphasizes that the initiative “integrates its strategy of building a territory that recognizes education, inclusion and sustainability as essential goals for a governance capable of winning the
challenges of competitiveness, territorial excellence and participatory and operative modernity ”.

Considering that after the adoption of the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity, the Municipality of Lagoa did not fail to mark the event, “celebrating it through the presentation of Cape Verdean culture by role model Domingas Veiga and some phrases and reflections from students who participated in the initiative's activities Network of Role Models, or Network of Inspiring Models », underlines the autarchy.

The municipality highlights the objective of "making all people aware of the existence of different cultures, allowing the sharing of knowledge, customs and experiences". As such, following the action plan drawn up for Lagoa, the activity “To the conversation with…” was carried out in collaboration with public schools in the municipality, where some classes of the 3rd cycle watched a video of Role Models, Domingas Veiga and Dário Guerreiro, sharing their cultural and personal experiences, using a photo, text or video.

The Municipality of Lagoa also launches the challenge so that anyone who wants to share some cultural trait of their culture can send a photo, text or video to [email protected] .


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