Lagoa reinforces budget with 12 million euros

Lagoa reinforces budget with 12 million euros

The amount of more than twelve million allows the executive of the city council of Lagoa to prepare the great works already projected.

«For the first time in the history of the management of the Lagoa chamber, it was possible to incorporate the management balance in February, allowing immediate support to the IPSS and the municipalities, as well as to the most vulnerable people, companies and sole traders», stresses from the outset the Lagoense autarchy.

This decision allows investment in the municipality, with a view to stimulating the economy and economic recovery, not having to wait for the approval of the previous year's accounting documents, which were previously only approved in April. The amendment to the law allowed the management balance to be included in the budget only with the approval of cash flows.

«Taking advantage of this window of opportunity and the effort and dynamics that the municipal assembly has had in conducting municipal assemblies online», the municipality of Lagoa incorporated € 12 198 934.22 (twelve million, one hundred and ninety-eight thousand, nine hundred and thirty and four euros and twenty-two cents), after approval by the meeting. «It is thus possible to implement, from now on, a strong response to the post-pandemic period in the municipality. This amount reinforces support for families, IPSS, companies and our entrepreneurs, projecting the economic recovery. Despite the enormous difficulties that we are going through, we have to look to the future with hope, to prepare for it, with the certainty that we will not leave any locals behind ”, said the mayor, Luís Encarnação.

The amount of more than twelve million allows the executive of the city council of Lagoa, also, to prepare the great works already projected, to start this year of 2021 and to finish during the next years, such as the construction of the river promenade Parchal-Mexilhoeira da Carregação, requalification of Jardim do Largo D. João II, in Mexilhoeira da Carregação, requalification of the area surrounding the EM530, in Bela Vista, the urban park of Lagoa, requalification of the sports park of ESPAMOL, the playground and garden of contemplation in Praia do Carvoeiro.

«In addition to providing support for major works, the incorporation of this management balance allows immediate support for people, who are and have always been the priority of the municipality», highlights the council. This first revision of the 2021 budget "is part of a continuity logic that is guided, once again, by rigor, transparency and seriousness that allows us to continue presenting balanced and sustainable municipal finances in the medium and long term" Luís Encarnação also stressed.


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