Lagoa returns to be “Friend of Sport”

Lagoa returns to be “Friend of Sport”

Lagoa, Land of Champions ”, promotes a strong commitment to municipal sports development,

The “Sport-Friendly Municipality” is a process of public recognition of the intervention model in sports development, which aims to distinguish the best practices of municipalities in terms of sports management, namely through the sharing of knowledge, training, publications, seminars and strategic programs .

The program with the same designation – Sport-Friendly Municipality -, responsible for the award of this award, is based on a network of Portuguese municipalities that is dedicated to sharing good practices, benchmarking and training. Focused on municipal intervention in the area of ​​physical activities and sports development, this program also assesses the results obtained by the municipalities and which has the institutional support of the Secretary of State for Youth and Sports.

“Lagoa, Terra de Campeões”, promotes a strong commitment to municipal sports development, anchored in three major strategic axes; I Axis – Sport for All, II Axis – Competitive Sport and the III Axis – Lagoa Hosts major Events. «This, in addition to being a distinction that greatly honors us, is the confirmation of the excellent work carried out in recent years, and which affirms the municipality of Lagoa as a model of excellence in the field of sport. We see sport as a driving force for health, education, socialization and the creation of value for citizens and sports communities ”, Luís Encarnação, president of the municipality of Lagoa, welcomed, when receiving the prize.

Meanwhile, the municipality of Lagoa announced that it is preparing to conclude, in the next few days, program contracts with the communities and sports agents in the municipality. The amount incorporated in the municipal budget, through the first budget review approved by the municipal assembly on February 24, makes it possible to advance with this support even in the first quarter of the year.


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