Lagoa School of Arts holds workshops on comics and manga

Lagoa School of Arts holds workshops on comics and manga

The School of Arts of Lagoa – Mestre Fernando Rodrigues expands the training offer for the youth and young adult community under the heading “Lagoa d’Arte +”. In February this school starts the “Lagoa d'Arte +” section with the holding of the workshops “Oficina de Comics and Manga” for teenagers between 12 and 17 years old and “Oficina de Ilustration – Visual Narrative” for adults 17 years old.

The option “Lagoa d’Arte + Oficina de Comics and Manga”, at an initiated level, is intended for a young audience because it is a language that approaches these age groups. In this workshop it will be possible to work on visual literacy, the development of plastic techniques and the exploration of technical and formal content of sequential art. Go through all the stages of the process until the creation of a fanzine.

For young adults, the proposal is “Lagoa d’Arte + Oficina de Ilustration – Visual Narrative” which aims to explore techniques of plastic expression and representation. Historical, technical and formal contents.

For both workshops, a public presentation of the resulting works is planned. The workshops will take place on Tuesdays, alternately, and the date of their beginning will be communicated to registrants later. Participation is limited and requires prior registration to the email: [email protected]


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