Lagoa supports institutions with more than 1 million euros

Financial Yearbook of Portuguese Municipalities places Lagoa at the top of the ranking - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

During the year 2020, Lagoa supported social institutions with 1,023,872.02 euros.

Under specific protocols signed with each of the 11 Private Social Solidarity Institutions (IPSS) in the municipality of Lagoa, but also within the scope of the Integrated Proximity Social Support Offices (GASP) created in 6 locations, or still framed by the extraordinary support in response to the context of the pandemic covid-19, "the support of the municipality was divided into different formats in order to respond to the multiple and differentiated needs that multiplied throughout the year 2020", says the chamber.

The amount of support granted to the 11 IPSS supported by protocol amounted to 820 thousand euros.

Porches Social Support Center (CASP), Ferragudo Elderly Support Center (CAIF), Carvoeiro Social Support Center (CASC), ACD CHE Lagoense, ADR Quinta S. Pedro, Centro Popular Lagoa , the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Estômbar, the Parochial Center of Estômbar, the Portuguese Association for the Support of the Victim-Lagoa (APAV), the Cooperative for Re-education and Exceptional Support for the Child-Lagoa (CRACEP) and the Pro-Sharing Association benefited institutions.

For its part, the 6 Integrated Social Support Offices of Proximity (GASP) distributed 48 thousand euros which allowed to deal with pressing problems identified in each of the places in the municipality of Lagoa. The various GASP based in the municipality and which make an important contribution to the municipality's social development strategy, are a response of proximity to the municipality in cooperation with IPSS´s, such as the ACD Che Lagoense, the Social Support Center of Carvoeiro, Santa Casa da Misericórdia, the Ferragudo Elderly Support Center, ADR – Quinta de S. Pedro Cultural and Social Center, as well as the Porches Social Support Center, «to ensure prompt and adequate intervention to local needs ».

«The municipality of Lagoa also attended, during the year 2020 and responding to the difficulties generated by the Covid-19 pandemic context, to reinforce the protocols signed with the IPSS´s with 130 thousand euros, as well as reinforce with 25 thousand euros the support to directed to cases of need ”, concludes the autarchy.


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