Lagoon distinguishes athletes at Sports Gala – Diario diariOnline Região Sul

Lagoon distinguishes athletes at Sports Gala - Diario diariOnline Região Sul

"It is with great satisfaction and pride that we can affirm that Lagoa is a true Land of Champions," the words of the Mayor of Lagoa, delivered by Vice-President Luís Encarnação, on his behalf at the Sports Gala held on October 6 past at the Arade Congress Center in Parchal.

"Two hundred and eighty athletes is a truly impressive number if we take into account that the winners correspond to almost 20% of the total federated athletes of the county," he said. "Even more remarkable, no doubt," he added, "is the fact that we record champions in approximately 60% of the 15 sporting activities practiced in the county and we distinguish with the maximum award, Grau Gold, 71 athletes."

The honor of distinction to the athletes and technicians who stood out the most during the previous sport season returned to the county in the year in which Lagoa affirms itself as "Educating City". "Promoting the development of citizens, recognizing merit and stimulating excellence are fundamental values ​​of modern societies, which are embodied in the principles of the Charter of Educating Cities that Lagoa subscribed to precisely at the beginning of this year," recalled Francisco's speech Martins.

The 280 athletes, regional and national champions, world champion; regional and national champions of Sports School, participants in important international events and representatives of the respective national teams, were awarded with the Gold Degree and Municipal Sports Merit in function of the achieved achievements, according to the Municipal Regulation in force.

This event fulfills the mission of "stimulating and creating conditions for the general practice of physical and sporting activity" (an initiative that is part of the "Sport for All" – I Axis of the Sports Development Strategy of the county). The vice president of the building made a point of remembering that, "in Lagoa," Sports Competition "represents the Second Axis of its Sports Development Strategy" and hopes that this distinction can serve as an example for youngsters who are starting your sports course.

The path taken in this area has already been recognized as "good practice" by the General Directorate of Health and the Faculty of Human Motricity which, through the Global Plan for the Promotion of Physical Activity (inspired by the National Program for Physical Activity of the World Organization of Health), selected the municipalities of Lagoa and Loulé as partners in the Algarve region.

The Gala, which gauged the honors to athletes and technicians with musical and cultural moments of young artists from the county, completely filled the Arade Congress Center with about 1,000 spectators. Francisco Martins left his thanks and recognition on behalf of the entire Municipality to the clubs and sports associations, leaders, technicians and family members present who, every day, do a meritorious work and struggle to overcome.



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