Lagos bet on differentiation and authenticity – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Lagos bet on differentiation and authenticity - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The Municipality Day, October 27, dedicated to its Patron Saint – Saint Gonçalo de Lagos, began with the traditional ceremony of Hastear das Bandeiras, which took place in the Plaza Gil Eanes, in the presence of various cultural, recreational and sports communities of the county and citizens who wanted to join these celebrations.

Also worthy of mention were the Religious Festivals of São Gonçalo de Lagos, which took place after the Hastear das Bandeiras, with the holding of a Mass in the Garden of the Constitution, followed by a procession in honor of the Patron Saint, which began there, ending at the Port of Lagos, where there was a Blessing of the Sea and the Vessels.

In the afternoon, it was the turn of the Cultural Center of Lagos to receive the Solemn Session, in which, honoring the spirit of this year's celebrations, two personalities were paid homage by awarding Municipal Medals of Merit. Also attending the ceremony were the President of the Communal Council of Ksar El Kébir (Morocco), Mohamed Simou, the Mayor of Ribeira Grande de Santigo ( Cape Verde), Manuel de Pina and a representative of the Town Hall of Palos de La Frontera, Mr. Ricardo Gomez. At the opening of the formal meeting, the official addresses took place, with the floor being taken by the Municipality of Lagos, the Municipal Assembly Speaker, Paulo Morgado, and the Mayor of Lagos, Maria Joaquina Matos.

Speaking at the beginning of the meeting, the Mayor of Lagos, Paulo Morgado, began by recalling the tradition of the municipalities, and in this specific case, that of Lagos, in celebrating this important date by honoring individuals and / or entities that "for the their activity, by the greater example or history of life, stand out in the community. "

This tradition is, for Paulo Morgado, "something that ennobles all". This year, and for this same reason, the Assembly and the Lagos City Council decided to honor two individuals. For this mayor, this solemn session in particular also became "a special message", considering that "today we have with us in this audience representatives from various countries (Portugal, Cape Verde, Spain, Morocco), a diversity of people and cultures. Lagos is that. A land of encounters and sharing. Paulo Morgado defended that "to be a people means to know how to be, to live together and to share, without ever forgetting our culture". Finally, the President of the Municipal Assembly stressed that "recognizing the individualities that stand out for what they do for their community is also a celebration (and obligation) of that culture. And that's what we're doing with pride here today. "

An idea shared by the Mayor of Lagos, Maria Joaquina Matos, who, referring to the initial words of Paulo Morgado, recalled that "this year we started the program commemorating the Day of the Municipality, marking it with the signing ceremony of the Twinning Agreement with the Municipality of Ksar el Kebir. "Also attending this ceremony, which was held on the 26th, the Councilor of Torres Vedras municipality and the President of Ribeira Grande de Santiago in Cape Verde, localities with which Lagos is also twinned, "with whom we intend to continue to strengthen ties of friendship and cooperation and symbolize the times of shared history."

Speaking more specifically of the Municipality, the mayor stressed the fact that Lagos "is going through a moment of stability and financial equilibrium", adding that the municipality will "resume and strengthen projects already started in the past, especially with regard to matters such as cooperation, relations with other national and foreign municipalities, but also internally investing in the relaunch of Lagos as a city of excellence, with a view to strategic investments that meet the needs of the local population, but also to stimulate the tourism sector , the great foundation of the local and regional economy ". Finally Maria Joaquina Matos promised that the executive "intends to continue to fulfill the aspiration to consolidate ourselves as a county of differentiation and authenticity, continuing to affirm the Lagos brand of Discoveries, Tourism of Excellence, as well as betting on strategies that promote economic development , environmental and cultural.

After the speeches, it was followed by the moment of the homage in which Municipal Insignias were awarded to citizens and friends of Lagos who were intended to distinguish on this date so symbolic of the local collective identity. It is recalled that the Municipality of Lagos has, on a regular basis, sought to provide the fair and well-deserved public recognition to citizens and collective entities that have stood out among the others. In this regard, and in the framework of the proposals approved by a resolution of the House, taken at an Ordinary Public Meeting held on September 19 and ratified by the Municipal Assembly at the 2nd meeting of its regular session of September 25, two notable citizens were paid homage , lacobrigenses "by birth or by heart", evoking the words of one of the honorees in the session. In common, in addition to the nickname "Marreiros" and the undeniable human qualities, these two figures have the determination, the ability to overcome and surrender to their activities, evidenced by the rigor and quality of their work.

Diogo Trindade Marreiros received the Municipal Merit Medal – Grau Prata in attention, honor and recognition to his contribution in favor of Speed ​​Skating, the elevation of this sports modality, the city of Lagos and the country itself, through various national and international awards which it has achieved along its competitive path.

Glória Maria Marreiros da Cunha received the Municipal Merit Medal – Gold Award in recognition of her strong testimony in favor of the Algarve ethnography, translated in several publications, as well as for her character and determination in defending the role of Women in society .

Both of them thanked the homage by understanding it as "a very special moment of great pride" of all that they have dedicated, thanking also on the occasion, to relatives and friends.

The Solemn Session also had several moments of cultural animation with performances in the area of ​​Fado, with Marta Alves accompanied by Gonçalo Rosa and Paulo Feiteira); a duet of Sevillian Dance, by Gracia Diaz and Vitor Martins of the Dance Association of Lagos, with Cape Verdean music, with Benvindo Barros, accompanied by Tony Sá Cavaquinho and with Música Marroquina, provided by the group that was part of the Ksar entourage the Quibir.

At the end of the day there was also the inauguration of the Exhibition "Miniatures of Cars and Chariots" by José Cortes, which will be open to the public until December 30 at the Cultural Center of Lagos.

The program of the celebrations ended on October 28, with a commented visit "To the Meeting of Time and Places of S. Gonçalo de Lagos" and the 18th Encounter of Children and Youth Choirs, which took place in the Church of the Nuns.



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